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Former Employee Speaks Out
I am a former employee of Auto Assure. At first i was excited about this opportunity until my second day of training. I then learned that it was a scam. They would have us tell the customers that once you get set up with the program you are able to drive as many miles as you want and you will be covered as long as you pay monthly, that was a lie. While training i heard many upset customers. Some customers felt betrayed because they paid monthly for this extended service plan and when their vehicle broke down, Auto Assure will give them reasons why they can not pay for it when they promised they covered everything except paint jobs and normal ware and tare and general maintenance. Every employee including the supervisor Mel Stone told the trainees that the company is all about the money and in order to make a sale you must lie to the customers. I do not recommend anyone to buy anything from this company. They are not here to help you they are here to get your money. This company is fraudulent and tell innocent people lies just to get the money and i know this because I am a former employee. This should be illegal and this company should be shut down.
And another former employee...
I am a former employee of Auto Assure. I can't tell you what a nightmare this place is. You are asked a a sales associate to push EVERY call to the "limit". Even to the point of some poor old lady crying to get their credit card. Auto Assure is twice as high as another competitor. Stay away from this I've the top high pressure mess of a a company. I worked in the Plano, Tx office for 1 month & left it once I started fielding calls from irate callers about a deceptive letter that's made to look official like it came from their Dealership where they bought their vehicle. Stay away from this company! Hope this helps.
I'm Skeptical
Thanks for setting up this site!
I've received two mailers so far and wanted to check this out because repair insurance is almost always a scam. After checking the lack of Better Business Bureau credibility I became a little skeptical. The payments they seem to offer are more than my actual insurance costs on two vehicles! Is this for repairs that I haven't even made yet? I could probably get a better deal at the dealership when I actually REQUIRE such a repair. Vince Kirk
Auto Assure "gotcha"
I called for a quote on my truck. After giving them all the info on myself and my 2003 Ford F150 with 140k miles (bought new by myself in 03) , they said my truck was high risk, then gave me a price of $4000!!!!!

Then they said if I didn't sign up by the end of the phone call I could never be covered by them because it protects them. Talk about high pressure sales!


On a 2003 Ford F150 4x4, they wanted $3500 (and that was with a $500 so so-called discount).

It infuriated me so much that I didn't even get a chance to talk over spending $3500 with my wife.
If I hung up they will never cover me! What a JOKE
So when you call for a price, they'll get your VIN number then pressure you into saying yes or no right there.

DO NOT USE AUTO ASSURE, this marketing practice speaks VOLUMES about their company.

Another unhappy quote
On April of this year, Matt Normand of Auto Assure LLC discussed with me over the phone about the specs of the warranty and i made sure that all electrical components (ignition switch, etc) as well as the navigation system problem will be covered.
I was assured over the phone that all of these are covered and most of the parts and labor are covered and that i can still continue to bring my car in the same shop/dealership of my choice which is Daniels BMW of Allentown PA because i am getting the premier package (the best package they have); which brings to $6335.00 with down payment of $317.00 and monthly payment of $250.75 for 2 years.

My car started having some problems and I took it to the dealership on Nov. 1, 2012 and contacted the claim service department regarding the issues of my car: ignition switch needs replacement ($380) and navigation system coverage. Denied that its covered and that i need to pay for everything!

I called them back and spoke with Samantha. She claimed it was not covered and whatever Matt told me doesnt matter at all. She offered me a $200 discount of the total warranty cost and waived the november payment. I feel like i have been scammed and tricked. I just need justice on this matter and this kind of business needs to be shut down for good for the sake of the honest consumers like me who are trying get peace of mind and when the need comes the warranty doesnt serve its purpose rather disappointments and frustration especially in this very challenging economy. THIS IS NOT RIGHT AT ALL!

This is what happens when you try to cancel says one customer!
When I called to ask for information for an extended warranty, they told me I could not have the policy in writing before I agreed. They said it cost them money to write the policy and therefore I had to agree first and then I would receive the policy by email witihn 10 -14 days.

I was uneasy about agreeing to anything I did not see in writing first but was assured I would have 30 days to cancel. After each question I asked, I was asked for my credit card. The answers given to my questions were always answered with "good question" and then each answer was given in a re-assuring manner and every concern was addressed, leaving no concerns. I was offered an initial payment option which I balked at and then was put on the phone with a manager who took over and was more aggressive in asking for my credit card number.

I received a variation on the original policy and was now offered 250 initial down payment and 24 months of 197 for a total of 4982 for a bmw 328I with 40,000 miles. I was hesitant to agree but was assured of the 30 days cancellation policy. The point of this email is to warn people of the hard sale pressure tactics utilized by auto assure. I agreed and then googled extended warranties and it was clear I did not need one, especially at this price. I called back to cancel (customer service was closed) with the person I had originally spoken with-about 20 minutes after I had gotten off the phone. I was met with this intense, aggressive finance person who said I had to give him a reason why I wanted to cancel. My reason that I did not want it, was not good enough, he said.

He said he had to make a check list and I could not cancel unless he answered all the questions. I asked him if he would cancel the policy after we were done and he agreed. Needless to say, after we were finished, and it was an argument where any reason I said I wanted to cancel was met with a barrage of counter arguments-he told me he would not cancel my policy. He lied.

I had to wait for customer service to open after Christmas holidays and I went through 2 more people where I had to explain why I wanted to cancel. I finally got a cancellation number and the initial 250 is supposed to be credited in 5 - 7 days. I wanted people to know of the high pressure sales tactics (they worked on me) along with the 30 day cancellation guarantee is no easy ride. These people lie and will do anything to wear you down. I do not know what the coverage is like, but this is definitely not a company I want to work with. I can only imagine what it would be like to file a claim even though they guaranteed that the claim process is simple and claims are paid without a hassle.


What is NOT covered...
By Karen Russo
I signed up for auto assure a few months ago. I was told the car was covered 'head to toe' and I'd never have to worry for the next 4 years. Ok, $4k was pricey but I live alone and it gave me piece of mind that I wouldn't have to buy a new vehicle within that time. Last week my car started leaking radiator fluid. Long story short, the cooling system is basically not covered AT ALL, and the oil system had a problem which wasn't covered AT ALL. Even my service people were angry; he said they are not covering the things that tend to go. They also said they'd pay for a tow...except they set a set amount for that (using THEIR people) and I would still owe $20. They covered front arm bushings at half the price it will cost to fix them. I'm cancelling the warranty as soon as this repair is covered and hoping it will not be a problem. 

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